Water Meter Applications

Public Water Service

If a public service line or meter box does not exist, either a cost estimate needs to be obtained from MDWID staff for installation of the service, or a new public service line needs to be installed by a private contractor under permit through our office.  Contact Metro Water-Engineering at (520) 575-8100 for assistance in determining the existence of a public service line to an address, to coordinate an estimate for a new public service line, or for permitting a new service line installation with a contractor registered for this work in Arizona.

Development Projects

If your application for water service is associated with a newly constructed subdivision, commercial project, or any other construction involving a formal water plan, the following shall be received or submitted prior to acceptance of water meter applications:

  • Bill of Sale/Affidavit of Costs be submitted for transfer of the constructed system for our maintenance (after all construction is complete)
  • Approval of Construction (AOC) received from PDEQ
  • Final Acceptance issued for the approved public water system (any release of meter applications prior to final acceptance are subject to District Engineer approval)

Water Meter Application

Once a public service line and meter box exists or is authorized for service (see above), a Water Meter Application can then be submitted and connection fees paid for a meter installation.  Below is a link to download the fillable Water Meter Application in PDF, as well as a PDF of the field definitions on the form for assistance.  To properly access the fillable fields on the form, the file needs to be opened in Adobe Reader and not in an internet browser or other third-party PDF reader (such as Microsoft Edge).  If your computer does not have Adobe Reader installed, you will need to download and install the free version of latest Adobe Reader from the Adobe website for your operating system (available in Windows or Mac).  For mobile devices, there are also free Adobe Reader apps available to install for both Android and iOS.

Water Meter Application (Fillable PDF)
Water Meter Application Field Definitions

Please save the completed form locally for your reference.  If you are a home builder or developer needing to submit several Water Meter Applications over the life of a project, the saved form can also then be modified (using much of the same information) and re-used for subsequent meter applications for your convenience.


Prior to the Water Meter Application being processed, it is a requirement for the box to be checked acknowledging accuracy of current information on the application, and responsibility for additional cost or delay in processing for an applicant if a meter box is not installed to MDWID specifications.  If or when account information changes after the installation, or when a transfer of the account needs to occur, please contact Customer Service.

Connection Fees and Payment Options

The current Water Service Connection Fees can be found on our Development Fees page, along with explanations for each component that makes up the “Total Fee” for each connection.  These fees are automatically computed on the Water Meter Application fillable form based on the meter size selected from the drop-down menu, and the “Total Fee” calculated.  

The form can be printed and submitted to our office (or in the mail). The form can also be saved and attached to an email, and submitted via email to engineering@metrowater.com with a name and call back number.  Please note that all connection fees are to be paid with a check and are due prior to processing the Water Meter Application.


Upon submitting a completed Water Meter Application with payment of all connection fees, a water meter will normally be installed within 3 – 5 working days and the account activated.

For all inquiries or assistance related to the above, please contact engineering@metrowater.com.